4 Best Equestrian Centers in Rancho Santa Fe

  • Candace Stadelmann
  • 05/28/19

These four impressive equestrian centers will have you champing at the bit to experience Southern California 

Sunny skies and year-round temperate weather make Rancho Santa Fe real estate a prime location for horse enthusiasts looking for the perfect place to call home. Explore four of the top equestrian centers in the area.

Osuna Ranch

With its rich history of equestrian roots, including being the site of equestrian events during the 1984 Olympic Games, it’s no surprise that Rancho Santa Fe takes pride in its heritage here at Osuna Ranch. With stables accommodating trail riders in addition to hunters and jumpers, you’ll feel welcome in this relaxing barn regardless of skill level.

This historic site places a huge emphasis on preservation. One of California’s oldest adobe houses sits on the property, adding to its irreplaceable charm. You’ll love the quiet, peaceful nature of the ranch, which offers boarding stalls for horses and access to Rancho Santa Fe’s over 50 miles of trails. 

Rancho Cielo Equestrian Facility

Sitting on 11 acres to the east of Rancho Santa Fe, the Rancho Cielo Equestrian Facility offers both boarding and training programs. Its location on Aliso Canyon Road is ideal for riders with a competitive edge, as it is a quick 10-minute drive to the Del Mar Fairgrounds for thoroughbred racing.

Spearheading their on-site training program is established hunter/jumper rider Graeme Dixon, owner of UK Equestrian, who provides unique goals for all students. Between Dixon’s personalized curriculum and the facility’s impressive stables, the Rancho Cielo Equestrian Facility has something great to offer whether you’re looking for a sheltered corral to board your horse or a weeklong summer camp. 

Rancho Riding Club

Imagine the sun rising over 11 acres of pristine California country, and you’ll see Rancho Riding Club. Founded by John Robertson--the same John Robertson responsible for directing the 1920 film Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde--the facility has served the greater Rancho Santa Fe area since 1946 by maintaining its state-of-the-art boarding and training.   

If you’re looking for a facility that specializes in hunter/jumper training, then look no further than Royal Oak Stables. Located in the Rancho Riding Club, owner Wanda Weldy is a seasoned professional who has been teaching kids about horsemanship since she was sixteen.

Jasmin Stair Stables

For a hands-on experience, try Jasmin Stair Stables. Having been born and raised in southern California, Jasmin has invaluable firsthand insight into the local show ring. The boutique-style, highly personalized programs offered at Jasmin Stair Stables highlight safety first for both horse and rider, as she understands the importance of a happy, healthy relationship between them.

Individualized full-care and full-training programming cater to both beginning and accomplished riders. And if all that isn’t enough to convince you, the barn sits on over three acres of pastoral land tucked inside residential Rancho Santa Fe--an equestrian oasis so serene that it’ll be hard to pry yourself away. 

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