Enchanting luxury beachfront living within an enclave of Encinitas. 
Typically abbreviated to Cardiff, the San Diego County community of Cardiff-by-the-Sea is a refined beachfront community known for its exceptional surfing spots and its laid-back yet luxurious Californian coastal lifestyle.
Cardiff-by-the-Sea was named after the capital city of Wales by visionary developer Frank J. Cullen, who began work on the community in 1911. Cullen’s called the community Cardiff in honor of his Welsh wife, and most of the streets are named after British cities or famous figures from Europe.


Cardiff-by-the-Sea is an upscale enclave of the city of Encinitas. The community’s main residential neighborhoods are the Walking District and the Composer District, the latter of which features fifteen streets named after famed European composers. This area offers some of Cardiff’s best ocean views, with luxurious properties enjoying stunning vistas and the chance to catch a glimpse of migrating whales.
The community, with its stunning homes for sale, is served by the Cardiff School District, placing its residential areas within easy reach of some outstanding schools.


Cardiff Reef is one of the community’s most enduringly popular surfing spots, with The Reef’s smooth and consistent wave shape making this a perfect place for novice and experienced surfers alike. There are many other excellent surfing spots in the area, including Swami’s. The break has been recognized as one of the world’s top five surfing spots, and it features prominently in the Beach Boys’ classic “Surfin’ USA.”
Cardiff Seaside Market is a community highlight, with an abundance of exceptional fresh produce and stalls serving the famous Burgundy Pepper Tri-Tip. Infused with a unique marinade, this addictive local delicacy is Cardiff’s signature food. Artisanal chefs within the Seaside Market serve up a magnificent array of dishes prepared fresh each day.
Other culinary delights within Cardiff-by-the-Sea real estate include Cicciotti’s Trattoria Italiana, known for its exceptional Italian-style seafood, with al fresco dining available. The waterfront Pacific Coast Grill also offers outstanding seafood, as well as Sterling-certified beef and delectable ribs. Pipers is another excellent local restaurant, with The Beach House offering excellent dining on the sands.
The groundbreaking Lux Art Institute is located within Cardiff. This innovative artistic establishment allows visitors to watch talented contemporary artists as they work on their latest projects. It also offers a range of classes aimed at engaging all ages in the art-making process. Fall Fest and Family Fridays are showcase events of the Lux Art Institute, where visitors of all skill levels are encouraged to pick up a brush and start creating.
The Encinitas Golf Course is located a short drive north of Cardiff. Set upon a majestic sweep of bluffs, Encinitas Golf Course offers incredible ocean views across the entirety of its course, making it one of San Diego County’s most picturesque golf courses.
Other Encinitas attractions include the San Diego Botanic Garden and other lavishly-curated greenspaces, the historic Spanish Colonial Revival-style La Paloma Theater, and one of California’s most classic historic downtown districts along Coast Highway 101.
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